What is a Personal Chef?

    A personal chef is your new best friend. Why? Because your personal
    chef gives you back hours and hours of luxurious free time that you had
    previously been spending planning meals, waiting in line at the grocery
    store, unpacking and prepping food and, of course, cooking and cleaning
    up afterward. All this, and your personal chef prepares food that is
    fresher, tastier and  healthier than you were eating before.

    Flour Girl Personal Chef´s goal is to make every meal the very best you
    have ever tasted. As your personal chef, she knows all of your food likes
    and dislikes as well as any special dietary needs. Flour Girl shops for the
    freshest produce and meats and then prepares your favorite meals in
    your kitchen and packages them for you to enjoy throughout the week.
    She leaves a perfectly clean kitchen with the comforting aroma of a
    fabulous home cooked meal in the air.  

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