Can I afford a personal chef?
    Yes, you can! Just add up the time spent planning, shopping, cooking and
    cleaning up, not to mention the time spent on those last minute after work trips to
    the market and you will realize that Flour Girl Personal Chef Service is going to
    save you A LOT of valuable time. Now factor in the cost benefits of not throwing
    out the "spoiled" foods you never quite got around to cooking as well as the
    "menus gone wrong" that went down the drain because they just tasted awful.
    Don't forget the money you will save by not frequenting your local restaurants
    because you're just too tired to cook. Next imagine your increased health benefits
    from replacing greasy take-out or delivery foods with delicious and nutritious
    home-cooked meals and you will realize that a Personal Chef is quite affordable.

    What if the difference between a private and a personal chef?
    A personal chef is someone who has a passion for cooking and brings that love
    of cooking to your home and to your dinner table.  A Personal Chef is NOT a
    private chef.  Private chefs cook for one family and prepare meals as needed.  A
    Personal Chef has several clients, usually one per day, and prepares and
    packages multiple meals in the client's home.

    I'm on a specific diet - Can you accommodate it?
    ABSOLUTELY! The beauty of Flour Girl Personal Chef service lies in the luxury
    of having all meals tailored to your specific needs. I'm more than happy to
    personalize your meals to the low-carb, low-sodium, calorie-controlled, low-fat,
    etc. diet that you are following.
    Can't you just cook the food at your home and deliver it to me?
    In California, Health Department regulations require that foods to be resold are
    prepared in either a commercial kitchen or in the client's home. By cooking in
    your kitchen I'm preparing your food in the same environment that you use when
    cooking for yourself and your family. As a result, you can be assured that your
    meals are of the highest quality.

    What if my kitchen doesn't have what you need?
    Not a problem. At our initial consultation I will conduct a "kitchen interview" to see
    what equipment, pots, pans and utensils you have. Whatever you don't have, I'll
    bring with me. We can also discuss purchasing basic kitchen items if you wish.

      What on earth am I waiting for?
    Good Question. Why not stop asking and contact Flour Girl today!

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